European Convention


2019 European Convention 

20.09.2019  – 22.09.2019  


Conference Breakout Evaluations

To provide the Training Committee with feedback on the International Conference Breakout Sessions you attended, please click HERE.  

Ready to register? 

Look to the top right of the page – see where it says Registration – click that.  It will take you to the registration page to sign up for September’s meeting.  Please fill out the registration form CAREFULLY, and read all the notes.

Once you are done there, come back here and browse around.  We’ve got a lot of information for you and you’ll be able to make your Hotel reservations from here.  Please ensure you have read all the information available here, before sending an email to the event committee to ask questions. We are very happy to help you and answer your questions, but we are also very busy making this the best conference possible, most questions can be answered here, saving us all time and effort!!

We are excited to have you register for this event! We intend to provide you with a larger vision of our organization, a renewed sense of what we do and new ideas to take back to your chapter so that you may ultimately help more children in your area.

Remember, the purpose of this event is first, a business meeting, then educational training, and last but certainly not least brotherhood and camaraderie.  As per our International by-laws, attire will include our vests.  While attending this event, consider that you will be officially representing B.A.C.A.®.  This event may include agencies, media, and others that are not B.A.C.A.® members. At any time, they could be judging the whole organization based upon your actions; therefore, it should go without saying that you should consider yourself “on” at all times.  Security will be provided at the IB meeting/conference to ensure that participants are provided with a safe environment and to make sure our code of conduct is upheld.  All participants’ cooperation is expected.  Adverse incidents that Security is required to deal with at the IB meeting/conference will be dealt with appropriately, and will have severe consequences if immediate cooperation is not obtained.

The following pages provide a lot of information:

Book your Hotel Room – Hurry!! Do this sooner rather than later.  You don’t want to miss out on the great rate we were able to negotiate for this event

Event Schedule  – This page will contain information for Breakout Sessions and other Meeting Events… as soon as they are finalized.

Transportation to and from the airport, or around town

Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQ’s).  Most questions can be answered here, but if you find an issue not addressed we have a page set aside for you to contact the Event Committee

We can’t wait to see you in January!