Event Schedule & Map

Registration Pick-up opens Thursday January 11th, 2018 at 2PM in front of the Grand Ballroom (Lobby 2500B) 

  • Pick up is done by your last name
  • Closes at 10pm

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Breakout Sessions / Training

Training is excited to offer pre-registration for classes for the 2018 conference.  The process is new and improved, so those that experienced the long lines and frustration in 2016, you will appreciate the new process.  You will be receiving information soon, watch for emails with updates.  You will need your confirmation number to pre-register for the classes, so you must register for conference, and get your confirmation email with your confirmation number first.

The first step in pre-registering for Breakout Sessions is to watch this video.  (The video is no longer available) 

After watching the video and registering for conference, click below to open the schedule and begin planning which sessions you will attend on each day (Friday / Saturday).  Following the instructions in the video to register for each session you plan to attend.  

It is STRONGLY suggested that you attend a Thursday evening session of Conference Information.  This is designed for people that have not attended a Conference in the last 2 years, or have never attended conference at all.  The information provided will help you navigate the conference, find your way around, and could prevent you from doing something stupid you will regret seconds after doing it.  The links to Pre-Register for those sessions are shown below.  

Breakout_Session_Schedule_2018-Final – revised 12/28/17

Breakout_Descriptions – revised 11/6/17

See Below for live Pre-registration links.  The ones in the schedule above are not active.  You can copy and paste the text from the schedule, or use the links below.  To use the links below without moving away from this page, put your mouse over the link you want to open and then right click.  Select Open Link in New Tab and the registration will open in a new browser tab.  Once you complete the registration, close the tab (NOT the page) and you will come back to this page.  


** Pre-Registration is now closed **