Breakout Questions

1.  What is a breakout?

Breakouts are the classes offered at the conference.  You will hear the words breakouts and classes used interchangeably.

2. What breakouts are available?

Go to the Event Schedule & Map page for detailed information on what breakouts are available with a description of each and information on how to pre-register for each class.

3. Why should I pre-register for breakouts?

If you do not pre-register for the breakouts you want, you will not be guaranteed a seat in the classroom.  Breakouts fill up quickly and if you don’t have your confirmation page showing you pre-registered for the class you will be asked to leave and give your seat up to someone that HAS pre-registered for that breakout.

4. I pre-registered for breakouts but lost my confirmation email, what do I do?

Email the training committee at