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Conference Survival Tips

REMEMBER: If you are planning to attend International Conference you need to be registered by December 20th to guarantee your spot. After December 20th you will have to register onsite, the cost for late registration is $150 and you are not guaranteed a t-shirt or a place at the banquet, as well as you may be asked to give up your space in a breakout session to someone who registered on-time.

Whether you are a first time conference attendee or a seasoned pro the following information is being provided in an effort to make your time at the International Conference as educational and enjoyable as possible:

  • Wear COMFORTABLE shoes – there will be plenty of walking!!
    • This is true of ANY convention center! Hotel rooms are never near the meeting space and the same is true of the KC Convention Center.  It is approximately two blocks from Hotel to the KCCC.
    • Please remember, while we suggest comfortable foot wear, you are still representing B.A.C.A. ® to the public, keep up the image in both foot wear and attire. Your vest does not belong on you if you are in your pjs and slippers!!
  • Wear Layers
    • Meeting rooms can range from the cold of the arctic to the heat of the tropics
  • Bring a bag/backpack; This will give you a place to carry:
    • Your notebook – there is lots to learn and you’ll want to take notes, as well as write down questions so you don’t forget when the instructors stop for Q&A
    • A bottle of water or non-alcoholic drink (no alcohol during business)
    • A snack – for those times your stomach is louder than the instructor
    • Your layers (hoodie, sweater, extra shirt, etc.)
    • Your conference swag (your trips to the merchandise room)
  • Bring Your PATIENCE! – While some of this may seem obvious as you read it; remember if it is on the list there is a reason behind it
    • Everyone on the Event Committee works diligently to make conference a positive and productive experience. However, not everything will be perfect to everyone, all the time. If there is something we can do help to improve your experience please bring it to our attention in a calm and respectful manner.   Allow us the opportunity to make it right!
    • If you have a housekeeping/maintenance issue with your room, please contact the hotel staff in a calm and respectful manner. Allow them the opportunity to make it right!!
      • If your request is ignored or not met in a timely manner, please contact a member of the Event Committee to help facilitate meeting your concerns.
    • Remember when dealing with any hotel staff you are representing B.A.C.A. ®, by making a scene, screaming, yelling or otherwise treating people with disrespect you lose face, regardless of the validity of any complaint/argument you may have.
      • Again if your issue is ignored or not met in a timely manner, please contact a member of the Event Committee to help facilitate meeting your concerns.
    • In the group: RESPECT goes a long way, remember the folks around you are your brothers and sisters, treat them with respect, consideration and dignity
  • Fundraising Opportunities
    • There are many different opportunities to purchase tickets, from chapter tables, to the International 50/50 Drawing, and the International Fundraising “Baskets”… save yourself some time and finger cramps by pre-printing small labels (return address labels work great) with your road name, chapter and phone number to put on the back of your tickets so you don’t have to write them all out!!!!
    • Good Luck!!
    • Watch for opportunities coming up,  to have these labels printed for you, for a small donation to The Legacy Chapter. 
  • Don’t miss the General Assembly Sessions each morning!!
    • This is where you will be updated about changes to schedules
    • This is where you will get updates regarding any security matters that MATTER to our success.
    • This is where inspirational and exciting information about B.A.C.A. ® is heard:
      • Keynote Speakers
      • How are we growing
      • Inspiration from your leadership



2018 International Meeting

Kansas City Missouri KC Conference Center & Ballroom January 11-13, 2018
Registration is closed.