International Fundraiser and 50/50 Drawing

Brothers & Sisters,

It’s that time again! Right now you’re probably in the middle of planning your trip to Kansas City for the 2018 International Conference. Whether this is your first conference or you’re a ten-timer, the Event Committee is excited to see you!

One of the “must do” items for your conference list is a trip to the Merchandise Room.

Brothers and sisters across the world are given an opportunity to reserve tables and offer you their wares. It’s a great time for you to pick up a koozie from Australia, a keychain from Germany, a pen from Italy, or a shirt from the Netherlands. We don’t know who all will have a table this year, but we guarantee you’ll find something you just have to have!

Inside the merchandise room you’ll also find the International Fundraiser and 50/50 Drawings. These fundraisers started in St. Louis in 2010, and to date have raised over $45,000 to offset conference expenses. Your $1 chance can let you walk away with some cash, or a great donation from your B.A.C.A.® family.

So how can YOU get involved?

  • Reserve a table for your chapter or state to sell merchandise

The charge per table in the merchandise room is $100 again this year.

To reserve a table please click here and mail with the instructions listed.  (this link will be updated soon!)

  • Donate to the International Fundraiser

Donate a basket or item as an individual, a chapter, or a state. Putting together your entry can be a lot of fun and a great team building exercise! Some chapters hold fundraisers or 50/50 drawings within their meetings to raise money for their contribution; others rely on donations of goods from their members or communities. How you get your entry together is your choice, but make sure to have fun doing it. Put a little of yourself into your item. A silly picture of your chapter is a great addition!

Please remember that whatever you choose to contribute has to be able to travel home with the winner. No illegal substances – you laugh, but it’s happened, and no weapons. No one wants to be stopped by TSA on the flight home! If your contribution is something too big to fit in a suitcase, including a box for the winner to ship their prize home is always nice to have as well.  If you are riding to the meeting or you’re not able to attend but still want to contribute, your contribution may be mailed to Sis for local transport to the Conference hotel. 

  • Visit the merchandise room

Come check out all the things your brothers & sisters from across the globe have to offer. A lot of time and effort goes into the merchandise process, not to mention the time, hassle, and expense of getting it to Kansas City for you to see! Come spend some cash or give your plastic a work out. You know it’s going to a great cause!

  • Support the International Fundraisers

Money can be tight, we understand. If everyone buys just one 50/50 ticket, the winner could walk away with a great chunk of change. We bet you probably have $1 worth of copper hiding out in those couch cushions or underneath your car seat. The International Fundraiser tickets are also only $1 each. Last year’s items had everything from B.A.C.A.® swag, to moonshine, one of a kind BACAcentic art pieces & canvases, chocolate weapons, saddle bags, quilts, antlers and more. Remember, it only takes ONE ticket to win!

  • Merchandise Room Hours: (subject to change)
Thursday 10a-10p
Friday lunch (International fundraiser only) 11a-1p
Friday 6p-10p        
Saturday lunch (International fundraiser only) 11a-1p
Sunday 10a-2p

We hope that this addresses all of your Fundraiser & Merchandise questions. If we can be of any assistance, please feel free to contact us by email at or We hope to see you all in Kansas City!


Sis & Pebbles

The Merchandise Room Zookeepers

International Event Committee